Preserving The People, Earth, and Local Wisdom

Preserving The People, Earth, and Local Wisdom

Banyumas, a small city in Central Java is the home of the Indonesian villagers. The city is famous that the place where grow and harvest our Coconut Sugar. The majority of people in Cilongok District, Banyumas usually work as sugar farmers to become block sugar. We use the sugar for the sweet soy sauce factory. However, the farmers here should face some problems, such as the sugar price instability, the dependency of the farmers to broker, no guarantee of the supplier, weak market access, and low quality of sugar resulting from the low product competitiveness.

Concerning those issues, the generation of the farmer community started to think about how to change the mindset of the local farmers to develop or make innovations of the products with the basic product of organic coconut sugar. Meanwhile, in 2011, “NIRASATRIA” carried out the production process of natural and hygienic organic coconut sugar. Our intention is “Produce the best quality of Indonesian coconut sugars, and share them with the world”.

organic block coconut sugar

Our coconut farmers use a centuries-old technique to provide us with this healthy sweetener. Which in turn ensures a steady source of income for their community. Coconut Sugar gives these farmers the potential for a better life. This is a unique Javanese tradition and they are popular for always producing the best quality Coconut Sugar. It pays tribute to the region’s proud farming heritage and integrates this with modern standards of quality control.

All farmers will always deal directly with us – never a middle man. More than 1,500 farmers have become members and we manage to this day. We value every link of the food chain: the farmers, our distributors, small and big customers, and our planet. We have a commitment to rural community sustainability and the certified quality of our products.

Our Organic Coconut Sugar Promise


Chemical-free, pesticide-free, artificial free and no nasties added. That’s the organic promise we make for all our coconut sweetener products. We comply with USDA and EU international organic standards and train our farmers in good harvesting and processing practices. We also apply ICS (Internal Control System) agents to check and maintain product quality and processing guidelines that our farmers always do. To sum up, ensuring every delivery sent is always of superior quality as promised.

Coconut Sugar Farming & Production Process

We implement organic farming methods, consistent training of good manufacturing practices – and together with our Internal Control System team. We execute strict control throughout our production processes to ensure that the products meet our customers’ expectations of quality standards. Our company makes sure of this in every sack and every batch. We care so much it’s ridiculous, and we dedicate our long-term focus. It is to advance every step of the process wherever possible, continuously striving for improvements in order to yield the best quality products. This is our promise to you.

All of our products always do strictly check before shipping which helps us to maintain a good reputation among our clients. With advanced technology and fully equipped machinery. We are able to produce a large number of quality products in the minimum time schedule. We also have a spacious warehouse with a safe storage area that enables us to handle large as well as small orders within a given time schedule.

Our Commitment

Nirasatria thrives because of its skilled coconut sugar farmers whose professions involve climbing. On average, 30 coconut trees a day – upwards of 30 meters tall, twice a day. That’s 60 climbs in one day! Or 120 if you count coming down as downward ‘climbing’.

When Nirasatria entered, we along with quite a number of farmers who always practice coconut sugar were familiar with the use of inorganic preservatives. And lacked quality control and guidance that results in the inconsistency of product quality that struggled in the market. It was no easy task to modify the culture. But we are happy to say the effort we have put in. In order to improve quality and consistency throughout our sweetener products have paid off! The benefits are deep-felt by the farmers themselves, alongside their families and communities. Through our work, Nirasatria has enabled profitability and has bettered the quality of lives in communities that once struggled to make living. What we are working with here is truly quite amazing.

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