Nirasatria's Nectar Coconut Sugar is all-natural, has no preservatives, no additives, no artificial flavors or colorings, no chemicals, no bleaching, no anti fermenting agent and no synthetic adulterants are used.

Nectar Coconut Sugar is suitable for any food and drink

Coconut Sugar Nectar Nirasatria is our natural organic coconut sugar liquid made from the golden nectar of coconut flowers that our farmers tap by hand. Coconut farmers climb trees in the morning and evening to collect flower nectar by cutting flowers to drain the nectar. 

We then pour the nectar and boil it into syrup. The process is minimal and there is no addition of certain ingredients. Coconut sugar nectar is suitable for any food and drink. It has the lowest glycemic index, is highly nutritious, ecologically beneficial, and provides energy with a pleasant sweet taste. There are no artificial additives, flavorings or preservatives of any kind that we use in our products.

coconut sugar

Health Benefits

Our Nectar Coco sugar offers many health benefits, especially when compared to something like liquid white cane sugar. Some of these benefits include:


Our company provides three different packaging services. We can provide you with our private label bottle and jerrycan orders. Pricing for our own label and private label depends on the quantity and the size per package as well as the type of packaging. Therefore, we can quote you for our own label/private label on request.

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